We provide an architecture and consultancy service that combines development and design expertise in a way that optimises project outcomes.  We specialise in townhouses, terrace homes, apartments, and mixed-use projects.  See 'About' and 'Services'  for more.     


What's our 'WHY' ? Because we enjoy and value working with clients on projects that improve neighbourhoods and provide homes that people need, want, and love to live in.  


Such projects provide optimal outcomes for our clients,  for residents, and for the community.  Well designed multi-unit projects can make a positive contribution to the urban fabric and play an important role in environmental sustainability.   Creating urban living opportunities in medium-density formats reduces the damaging environmental effects of urban sprawl.

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“Pete has been associated with Mosaic Property Group for many years.   He has the ability to unlock a site's potential in a way that creates viable project outcomes and exceptional design results.  His unique skill set blends design, development and construction knowledge to create optimal project outcomes.  Peter would be a valuable asset to any developer looking to engage his firm's consultancy services.”  

David Handley – Director & Founder, Mosaic Property

"Pete has designed multiple townhouse projects for Alluvion Property, in addition to my own residence. Pete has a way with space - he knows the best use of internal rooms and the impacts to outside areas. This is key in Queensland climates and intricate spaces.  I'm one of the lucky ones that has of one Pete's designs in my every-day life. He designed a fern garden in my home which is the focal point of the build. Proudly, I point this out to my guests. Over the course of positive outcomes on projects, I am fortunate enough to call Pete my friend first and a working partner second."

Hollie Layton - Director + Development Manager, Alluvion Property

“Pete worked tirelessly on our West End project going through multiple iterations to create a result that was beyond our expectations in terms of yield and design outcome.  Pete has a unique ability to focus on details and at the same time be cognisant of broader project goals. ” 

Daniel Laruccia – Managing Director, Spyre Group

"We have been working with Peter and his team for over 5 years and I have to say that working with Peter has created valuable opportunities for our business. On some of our earlier projects, Peter and his team were able to uncover valuable opportunities by re-working existing designs which improved the functionality and design of the buildings and increased the project yields.  Prospect's consultancy and architectural services form an essential part of our business. We now work directly on projects together from the beginning and Peter works closely with our town planning consultants and together they are able to achieve better results for our company."

Andre Hayek – Director, AEP

Prospect Architecture